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Now Available: RO3000® Laminates with Rolled Copper

  • Further reduces insertion loss in RO3000 materials
  • Provides ideal configurations for applications operating at greater than 60 GHz

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Rogers Corporation's University Sample Program provides material samples at no-charge to University students and faculty designing with specialty printed circuit board materials.

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When anticipating todays rapidly changing needs and technological advances, it is critical to have materials with the performance and reliability to meet ever increasing reliability standards. Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division manufactures high frequency laminates and prepregs which are engineered for your exact performance requirements.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense applications require High Frequency laminate materials with excellent electrical performance and, above all, a history of proven performance in high reliability programs. Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials have been used in aerospace and defense programs for more than 60 years, enabling design engineers to meet tight performance specifications.

Typical Applications

Automotive and HEV

As a leading supplier of automotive specialty materials, we understand the challenges of today’s advanced automotive designs. Rogers advanced circuit materials are paving the way towards enhanced safety and more connected transportation.

Typical Applications

High Speed Digital

Ever increasing use of on-demand services, such as video, music, and instantaneous data access, places tremendous stress on network infrastructure. Equipment vendors are looking for ways to handle faster data rates on semiconductors and printed circuit boards.

Rogers' high speed digital circuit materials are enabling vendors' next generation products, meeting the needs of the most demanding designs, including lead-free, controlled impedance, and high-layer count boards.

Typical Applications

Mobile Infrastructure

Power amplifiers, antennas, microwave backhaul radios, and RF components are key elements to overall functioning of base stations in today's wireless communication networks. Electrical performance and high power management are often the deciding factors in the selection of materials for these applications.

A focus on system performance and reliability is critical to network design. Proper material selection is essential in support of these requirements.

Typical Applications

Online Design Tools

Rogers is continually working with designers to develop online tools to help make calculations, material selection, and design choices easier. These tools are constantly evolving based on feedback and suggestions from design engineers from all over the globe.

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Design Tools

Microwave Impedance Calculator

This software is intended to assist with microwave circuit design in predicting the impedance of a circuit made with Rogers High Frequency circuit materials. Additionally, the software provides some capabilities for predicting transmission line losses.Registration Required

ROG Dk Calculator (Microstrip Differential Phase Length Software)

This software calculates the dielectric constant (Dk) of a circuit material when tested as microstrip transmission line circuits. This software requires data received from a network analyzer, after testing a short and long microstrip transmission line circuit for phase response. The output is a text delimited file which can be read into Excel® for data manipulation and generating charts. The software also gives immediate output to the screen as a data table and a graph of Dk vs. Frequency. Registration Required

ROG Calculator Online

This application is designed to work on your smart phone or tablet. Navigate to this website from your mobile device to download this application. Registration Required

Materials Expertise

With more than 75 years of combined experience in the printed circuit board industry, Al Horn, Art Aguayo, and John Coonrod share their expertise with OEM's and fabricators through articles in industry publications. These articles help design engineers better understand how to choose a material to meet their requirements and assist fabricators with processing specialty circuit materials.

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Read the ROG Blog

Making a Connection with Conductor DiscontinuitiesMaking a Connection with Conductor Discontinuities
By John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation
December 2014
Featured in December 2014 issue of THE pcb design MAGAZINE
English (682 KB)
Selecting Circuit Materials for Microwave Power AmpsSelecting Circuit Materials for Microwave Power Amps
By John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation
November 2014
Featured in November 2014 issue of Microwave Journal
English (7 MB)

ROG Blog

Selecting PCB Materials For High-Speed Digital Circuits

John Coonrod

ROGDigital circuits continue to conquer higher speeds, with components such as microprocessors and signal converters routinely performing billions of operations per second. True, high-speed digital circuits can be flawed by such things as impedance discontinuities in transmission lines and poor plated-through-hole (PTH) interconnections between layers on multilayer circuit boards. But they can also be hurt by less-than-ideal choices of printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials for those high-speed-digital circuits. Which leads to the question: “What are the key parameters to consider when selecting a PCB material for a high-speed-digital circuit application?”

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Latest News

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