ULTRALAM® 3850/3850HT Laminates

Thin Circuit Laminates (LCP and PEEK)

ULTRALAM® 3850/3850HT laminate circuit materials utilize highly temperature resistant liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) as the dielectric film. Developed specifically for single layer and multilayer substrate constructions, these adhesiveless laminates are well suited for high speed and high frequency applications in:

  • telecommunication network equipment  such as high speed router
  • high-speed computer data links
  • and other high performance applications.

ULTRALAM 3850/3850HT circuit materials are characterized by low and stable dielectric constant and dielectric loss, which are key requirements for high frequency, high-speed products. ULTRALAM 3850/3850HT is offered as a double copper clad laminate. offered in panels.

It can be used, for multilayer constructions with ULTRALAM 3908 bonding film.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent high frequency properties
    • Stable electrical properties for tightly controlled impedance matching
    • Excellent thickness uniformity for maximum signal integrity
    • Allows use of thinner dielectric layer with minimal signal distortion
  • Good dimensional stability
    • Bends easily for flex and conformal applications
    • Offers design flexibility and maximizes circuit density requirements
  • Extremely low moisture absorption
    • Reduces bake times
    • Maintains stable electrical, mechanical and dimensional properties in humid environments
  • Flame resistant
    • Halogen-free. Meets WEEE
    • UL94VTM/0 – meets requirement for consumer products


Samples can be requested through our online request system.

Data Sheets

PDFULTRALAM® 3000 LCP laminate data sheet: ULTRALAM 3850English173 KB
PDFULTRALAM® 3850HT Laminates Data SheetEnglish90 KB

Fabrication Information

PDFFabrication Guidelines: ULTRALAM 3000 LCP MaterialsEnglish86 KB
PDFQuick Reference Processing Guidelines: ULTRALAM® 3850 and 3850HT LaminatesEnglish45 KB

Properties - Detailed Characteristics

PDFCopper Foils for High Frequency Circuit MaterialsEnglish671 KB
PDFProperties GuideEnglish60 KB