DUREL® EL Driver ICs

DUREL® EL Driver ICs

Rogers Leads EL Driver IC Circuit Industry

Rogers leads the industry in electroluminescent (EL) driver integrated circuits (ICs). We were the first company in the world to introduce integrated circuit (IC) based drivers for electroluminescent backlighting.

DUREL Integrated Circuit Drivers (switch-mode DC to AC) are chosen for use in:

  • electroluminescent (EL) backlighting products, including PDAs, GPS, cellular phones, wireless handsets, EL keypads, EL backlamps for color LEDs, and other hand-held electronic devices
  • large area LCD with EL lamp backlight, signage backlight, graphics display lighting, automotive interior lighting
  • el lamps for cars, trucks, and other vehicles with el dashboard displays

DUREL Delivers Superior Performance

  • powerful
  • efficient
  • quiet
  • economical
  • require a minimum of external components and board space
  • single-ended driver ("3P" architecture) allows for grounding EL front or rear electrode

DUREL Options Available

  • Family of IC EL drivers in various packages including MSOP, DFN, QFN, Modules, and CSP

Rogers Quality and Environmental Assurance

  • DUREL EL drivers are available as RoHS and WEEE (Green) compliant.

Rogers sales, technical service, customer service – around the world

Our technical experts partner with yours at every stage—from design through manufacturing—to help meet your requirements and speed time-to-market. Contact our expert sales, technical service and customer service personnel, or email a technical representative.

EL Lamp Driver Data Sheets

PDFDUREL D305A EL Lamp Driver
Automotive Grade EL Lamp Driver
English191 KB
PDFDUREL D306A EL Lamp Driver with Microcontroller
Automotive Grade EL Lamp Driver
English178 KB
PDFDUREL D306A QFN Lamp Driver
Automotive Grade EL Lamp Driver
English287 KB
PDFDUREL D355B EL Lamp Driver English249 KB
PDFDUREL D371A EL Lamp DriverEnglish318 KB
PDFDUREL D372A EL Lamp Driver English313 KB
PDFDUREL D373A EL Lamp Driver English491 KB
PDFDUREL D381B EL Lamp Driver English428 KB
PDFDUREL D381B Module EL Lamp DriverEnglish154 KB
PDFDUREL D388A EL Lamp Driver or DLL3A Liquid Lens Driver English474 KB
PDFDUREL D391A EL Lamp DriverEnglish354 KB
PDFDUREL D392A EL Lamp DriverEnglish72 KB
PDFDUREL D504A EL Lamp Driver
4 Channel EL Lamp Driver
English360 KB
PDFDUREL EL Lamp Driver Product Selector Sheet English83 KB
PDFDUREL Quick reference guides # 1 and 2English46 KB

IC Designer Kits

PDFDUREL D305 - Designer's Kit Guide English116 KB
PDFDUREL D306 - Designer's Kit Guide English71 KB
PDFDUREL D307A - Designer's Kit Guide English143 KB
PDFDUREL D355 - Designer's Kit Guide English195 KB
PDFDUREL D355 - Module IC Designer's Kit Guide English330 KB
PDFDUREL D356 - Designer's Kit Guide English106 KB
PDFDUREL D365 - Designer's Kit Guide English142 KB
PDFDUREL D371 - Designer's Kit GuideEnglish131 KB
PDFDUREL D372 - Designer's Kit Guide English93 KB
PDFDUREL D381 - Designer's Kit GuideEnglish201 KB
PDFDUREL D381 - Module IC Designer's Kit Guide English228 KB
PDFDUREL D388 - Designer's Kit Guide English137 KB
PDFDUREL D391 - Designer's Kit Guide English74 KB