PORON® Urethanes

Utilized in a wide variety of applications, PORON® Urethanes offer the flexibility required by designers to solve their most pressing problems. From gasketing and sealing to performance cushioning, PORON Urethanes continue to be the material of choice for solving tomorrow’s problems today.

Gasketing, Sealing, Vibration Management

PORON Urethanes for Gasketing, Sealing, Vibration Management

PORON® Urethanes for Gasketing, Sealing, Vibration Management

  • Portable electronics: High performance urethanes to seal out water and dust, absorb impact, and provide long-term gap filling in handheld device applications.
  • Industrial: Designers select PORON Urethanes to improve efficiency and performance, protect equipment, and increase reliability under tough industrial conditions.
  • Automotive and HEV: Our selection of material solutions covers a wide variety of both interior and exterior automotive applications.

Impact Protection

Impact Protection

XRD® Impact Protection

  • XRD® Extreme Impact Protection provides lightweight, flexible, wearable defense for repeated impacts.

Some typical applications include:

  • Protective Equipment
  • Helmets
  • Electronic Cases
  • Protective Apparel

Footwear Comfort Cushioning

PORON Footwear Comfort Cushioning

PORON® Footwear Comfort Cushioning

  • From a marathon day at work, to running a marathon, there is a unique PORON Comfort material designed for the ideal underfoot cushioning.

Some typical applications include:

  • Athletic Shoes
  • Custom Contouring Insoles
  • "All Day Wear" Footwear
  • Aftermarket Insoles

Medical Cushioning

PORON Medical Cushioning

PORON® Medical Cushioning

  • Trusted for use in orthopedic and prosthetic cushioning applications for more than 40 years and accepted by APMA, it’s the material of choice for specialty podiatric needs.

Some typical applications include:

  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Prefabricated Orthotics
  • Prosthetic Padding
  • Biomechanical Supports