BISCO® Silicones Literature

Application Bulletins and Articles

PDFBISCO A2 STL Acoustic TestingEnglish93 KB
PDFIndustrial Enclosure Units Application NoteEnglish61 KB
PDFTips on Storage and Handling of BISCO SiliconesEnglish83 KB
PDFBISCO® Cellular Silicones Vibration Isolation Solutions English69 KB
PDFBISCO® Silicones in Mass Transit Application Bulletin English150 KB
PDFHVAC Access Panel Seal in Mass Transit Railcars Application Bulletin English126 KB
PDFReducing Noise and Vibration Within Passenger RailcarsEnglish78 KB


PDFBISCO Material Selection GuideEnglish1 MB
PDFBISCO材料选择指南(A4)中文3 MB
PDF飞机内饰防火解决方案中文591 KB
PDFFire Safe Solutions for Aircraft InteriorsEnglish591 KB

Data Sheets

PDFHT-870 - 柔软硅胶泡沫中文797 KB
PDFRS700 Series Data Sheet
Updated RS700 data sheet
English540 KB
PDFBISCO® HT-200 隔音硅胶中文168 KB
PDFBF-1000 极软硅胶泡沫中文225 KB
PDFL3-XX40 Data SheetEnglish47 KB
PDFMF1 Silicone FoamEnglish570 KB
PDFBISCO HT-820-高硬度硅胶泡沫中文1 MB
PDFBISCO HT-840-超高硬度硅胶泡沫中文1 MB
PDFSilFX™ Silicone Foam Data SheetEnglish690 KB
PDFHT-800 典型产品性能表中文346 KB
PDFBISCO® A2 Sound Barrier Data SheetEnglish48 KB
PDFBF-1000 Extra Soft Cellular SiliconeEnglish431 KB
PDFBISCO® A2 R Fiberglass Reinforced Sound Barrier Data SheetEnglish107 KB
PDFHT-800 - Medium Cellular SiliconeEnglish427 KB
PDFMF1 SILFX Product AvailabilityEnglish45 KB
PDFBF-2000 Ultra Soft Cellular SiliconeEnglish125 KB
PDFHT-870 - Soft Cellular SiliconeEnglish123 KB
PDFHT-820 - Firm Cellular SiliconeEnglish129 KB
PDFHT-840 - Extra Firm Cellular SiliconeEnglish124 KB
PDFFPC - Fire Block MaterialsEnglish65 KB
PDFRF-120 - Silicone Foam Cast on Aluminized FabricEnglish79 KB
PDFHT-6360 - Firesafe Solid SiliconeEnglish94 KB
PDFEC-2130 Series Electrically Conductive Solid SiliconeEnglish42 KB
PDFBISCO EC 2000系列导电硅胶典型产品性能中文315 KB
PDFHT-6210 - 10 Durometer Performance Solid SiliconeEnglish76 KB
PDFHT-6220 - 20 Durometer Performance Solid SiliconeEnglish76 KB
PDFHT-6135 - 35 Durometer Performance Solid SiliconeEnglish75 KB
PDFHT-6240 - 40 Durometer Performance Solid SiliconeEnglish75 KB
PDFHT-6000 Series Thickness and Width TolerancesEnglish78 KB
PDFHT-1200 Series General Purpose Solid Silicones English50 KB
PDFHT-1500 - Fiberglass Reinforced Solid Silicone SheetEnglish33 KB
PDFHT-200 - Sound Block (Acoustic Sound Barrier)English59 KB


PDFBISCO Silicones Sell Data Sheet中文448 KB
PDFBISCO® -SilikonDeutsch365 KB
PDFBISCO® SiliconesItaliano362 KB
PDFTransition From 7000 Series to RS700 Series SpongeEnglish112 KB
PDF7129 Soft Flame Resistant Silicone SpongeEnglish53 KB
PDF7304 FDA Medium Silicone SpongeEnglish53 KB
PDF7329 Medium Flame Resistant Silicone SpongeEnglish53 KB
PDF7429 Firm Flame Resistant Silicone SpongeEnglish53 KB
PDFSponge Part Number Change 7129 7329 7429English43 KB

Technical Literature

PDFSealing Design GuideEnglish3 MB
PDFTechnical Sealing GuideEnglish3 MB
PDFBISCO Seating Solutions Design GuideEnglish878 KB
PDFBISCO MF-1座椅解决方案设计指南中文2 MB
PDFGuía de diseño de asientos BISCO MF-1Español886 KB
PDFBISCO MF-1 Guide de conception pour les applications de siègeFrançais891 KB
PDFBISCO MF-1 Design-Anleitung für SitzlösungenDeutsch8 MB
PDFBISCO MF-1座席用シート材設計ガイド日本語1 MB
PDFBISCO MF-1 좌석 솔루션 설계 지침한국의1 MB
PDFBISCO Silicone Solvent ResistanceEnglish358 KB
PDFBISCO Silicones Chemical Resistance Guide English69 KB
PDFCellular Silicones Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curves in PSIEnglish35 KB
PDFEC-2000 Compression Force Deflection (CFD) CurvesEnglish82 KB
PDFPerformance Solids Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curves in PSIEnglish34 KB
PDFGeneral Purpose Solid Silicones Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curves in PSIEnglish80 KB
PDFCompression Modulus of Cellular Silicones English37 KB
PDFNomenclature for BISCO Silicones with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive English36 KB
PDFTypical and Maximum Allowed Values for Density of Cellular Silicones English36 KB