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High compressibility, softness, and durability allow BF-1000 to adapt to various environments, making it an ideal choice for sealing outdoor enclosures, protecting electronics, and various cushioning applications.  It also provides resistance to fire, heat, and vibration in transportation applications.

Available Thickness:0.063" - 1.0"
Typical Density:12 PCF
CFD Range:2-5 PSI
Specifications:UL V0 and HF1, BMS 1-68, AIMS 04-14-002, ASTM E162, E662, SMP 800C
Grade:Extra-Soft Silicone Foam

Application Bulletins and Articles

PDFTips on Storage and Handling of BISCO SiliconesEnglish83 KB

Data Sheets

PDFBF-1000 极软硅胶泡沫中文225 KB
PDFBF-1000 Extra Soft Cellular SiliconeEnglish431 KB

Technical Literature

PDFBISCO Silicones Chemical Resistance Guide English69 KB
PDFCellular Silicones Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curves in PSIEnglish35 KB
PDFCompression Modulus of Cellular Silicones English37 KB
PDFNomenclature for BISCO Silicones with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive English36 KB
PDFTypical and Maximum Allowed Values for Density of Cellular Silicones English36 KB