PORON® 4701-30

PORON® 4701-30
Very soft, easily compressed for use where flexibility is a key requirement.  Standard available  thickness range from 0.021"


Samples for this material can be requested through our sample request form.

Data Sheets

PDFPORON 4701-30 Very SoftEnglish72 KB
PDFPORON 4701-30 Very Soft - Supported MaterialsEnglish73 KB
PDFPORON 4701-30-20064 P Very Soft - SupportedEnglish71 KB
PDFPORON 4701-30-25037 P Very Soft - Supported English70 KB
PDFPORON 4701-30-25047 P Very Soft - Supported English69 KB

Product Availability

PDFProduct Availability BookletEnglish239 KB
PDFProduct Capabilities and Replacements for Obsolete Materials ChartEnglish45 KB

Technical Guides

PDFMaterial Selection Guide for Industrial ApplicationsEnglish368 KB
PDFMaterial Selection Guide for Portable ElectronicsEnglish2 MB
PDFPORON Properties Tested to ISO StandardsEnglish237 KB
PDFPORON Properties Tested to ISO Standards (Printable)English283 KB
PDFShelf--Life and Proper Storage of PORON Urethane MaterialsEnglish111 KB

Technical Information

Application Notes
PDFPORON Urethane - Camera Window Gasket ApplicationEnglish123 KB
PDFAutomotive Design SolutionsEnglish807 KB
PDF汽车规范一览中文332 KB