PORON® Performance Urethanes

PORON® Performance Urethanes

High performance cushioning materials for multiple footwear and fashion applications

PORON® Urethanes are available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, densities and surface textures to accommodate almost any activity, from everyday use to the rigorous demands of high-impact sports and exercise. And if the precise PORON material doesn't already exist, one can be custom formulated for the needs of a specific manufacturer's physical and aesthetic requirements.

  • Maximum retention of comfort and flexibility PORON urethanes are made without plasticizers, which means the material will not shrink or become brittle and crack with age. PORON urethanes retain "like-new" softness and flexibility.
  • The highest degree of impact absorption More shock absorption means less impact to feet and joints. In side-by-side drop weight tests, PORON materials outperformed vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latex foam and solid viscoelastic.
  • A breathable layer to help feet stay dry and cool PORON urethane materials form permeable layers that draw water vapor and perspiration away.

PORON® Plus Cushioning MaterialPORON® Plus Cushioning Material
  • Rebounds quickly during high-energy, high-impact activities
  • Retains properties for long term comfort
PORON® Performance Material PORON® Performance Material
  • Delivers excellent impact absorption
  • For use in demanding applications
PORON® Slow Rebound MaterialPORON® Slow Rebound Material
  • Unique, custom contouring material that retains its memory
  • Rebounds slowly from compression, creating a total contact insole
PORON® Dual Layer Material PORON® Dual Layer Material
  • Two distinct materials manufactured as a mult-functional composite
  • Provides contouring comfort with impact absorption
PORON® ReSource Performance Grade MaterialPORON® ReSource Performance Grade Material
  • contains soy polyol that replaces over 45% petro-based polyol
  • durable, shock absorbing material
PORON® Vive™ Energy Activated CushioningPORON® Vive™ Energy Activated Cushioning
  • Unbeatable energy return & shock absorption
  • Maintains shape & fit for the life of the shoe
PORON® X-Pad 810PORON® X-Pad 810
  • Designed with patterned hinging to help promote freedom of movement and flexibility
  • Manufactured with durable materials for excellent abrasion resistance and repeated use
  • Flexible, high impact protection that’s easily trimmed for men and women’s sizes
  • Specifically designed to help you meet in-product testing for EN 1621-2 Level 1 and EN13158 testing standards
PORON® XRD® Extreme Impact ProtectionPORON® XRD® Extreme Impact Protection
  • Wearable protection that is light weight, breathable, and flexible.
  • Absorbs more than 90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates.
  • Extreme impact protection in design enhancing, ready-to-use parts.
  • Now available in 5 different sizes to meet your specific design needs.

Special Feature Materials

PORON® Cushioning with Microban® Antimicrobial ProtectionPORON® Cushioning with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection
  • Exclusive antimicrobial protection for PORON Cushioning Materials
  • Long-lasting comfort and protection from the inside-out