PORON® ReSource Performance Grade Material

PORON® ReSource Performance Grade Material

Take Steps Toward Living Greener - Without Compromising Comfort

Rogers' commitment to innovation and awareness towards more sustainable materials and processes has led to the development of PORON ReSource Cushioning, now developed using a soy polyol which replaces of 45% of the petroleum based polyol. The first generation PORON ReSource Material contained 20% renewable/recycled content and the Rogers R&D team works continuously towards innovating future PORON ReSource generations with more sustainable content.

A Greener Cushioning Material

  • Soy-based polyol replaces over 45% petroleum based polyol.
  • Offers highest percentage of petro-based polyol replacement.
  • Backed by a trusted US supplier who enforces strict regulations on soybean farming.
  • Naturally resistant to fungal growth.
  • Does not contain latex, PVCs, VOCs or heavy metals.

Maintains Performance

  • Finally, a durable and reliable green cushioning material that provides long-lasting comfort for the life of your product.
  • Excellent compression-set resistance that will continue to perform and not breakdown with repeated use.
  • Open-cell, breathable technology.

A Natural Fit

  • Available in a variety of densities and thicknesses to meet your specific product design needs.
  • A simple way to become more environmentally friendly without changing manufacturing processes or designs.

Rogers' Environmental Commitment

  • Dedicated to developing cutting edge processing and materials advancement to push standards for sustainable products.
  • PORON manufacturing facility in Woodstock, CT has achieved OSHA's "Star" VPP certification of safety excellence.
  • Implementation of the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) to achieve environmental excellence at all Rogers' manufacturing operations worldwide.
  • Other ongoing sustainable activities and standards at Rogers Corporation can be found at: www.rogerscorp.com/environment.
PORON ReSource Performance Grade Material

Compared to other renewable cushioning materials, the new generation PORON ReSource Cushioning not only eliminates more petro-based polyol from its raw materials, but also maintains all the superior cushioning and performance benefits that you have come to rely on with all PORON Materials.

In addition, Rogers has teamed up with a renowned US soy polyol supplier who shares their commitment to quality, human and environmental health and safety and sustainable manufacturing processes. Rogers' supplier works in partnership with the Nature Conservancy (TNC) to ensure a balance of economic activities with conservation in the soybean farming regions. Careful steps are taken to ensure that zero deforestation is occurring in these areas.

The search for more sustainable material and processing advancements will continue at Rogers' R&D headquarters, where environmental stewardship is a cornerstone of global business operations. So have confidence that with each step you take in PORON ReSource Cushioning, Rogers is taking steps to help your environmental footprint without sacrificing quality and performance.


Samples for this material can be requested through our sample request form.

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