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R/bak® Cushioning Materials

R/bak® Cushion Mounting Materials for Film, Label & Corrugated Printing

R/bak® Cushion Mounting Materials are advanced, open cell urethanes that provide the most consistent, resilient cushioning for flexographic printing. Using R/bak materials will improve registration, reduce dot gain, decrease plate deformation, improve ink transfer and allow the use of finer screens for finer line work. R/bak materials reduce pressure and absorb shock for flexographic printing plates, resulting in longer plate and cushion life and higher print quality. They consistently deliver compressibility performance on press in a compressible plate mounting system.

Featured Products

PSA 2 & SR 2000PSA 2 & SR 2000
R/bak Cushion Mounting Materials combined with rubber based adhesives form the R/bak PSA line of plate mounting tapes. The PSA materials are offered in a variety of thicknesses.
SA 2000 Thin TapesSA 2000 Thin Tapes
R/bak® SA 2000 with acrylic adhesives comes in three levels of compressibility to handle the complete range of flexographic printing - from process and fine screens to heavy solids. Compressibility, not density, determines performance on press.