Automotive and HEV

As a leading supplier of automotive specialty materials, we know the pressures of new product development inside out. In a world striving to develop smaller, lighter, faster, safer, more reliable, and more innovative ways to do just about everything, our selection of automotive products covers a wide variety of automotive applications both internal and external. Rogers’ solutions are driven by design.

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Ceramic Substrates

Some Typical Uses: Air Conditioning Compressor, Battery(Fast) Charger, Converter, Electrical Power Steering, Inverter, Liquid Heater PTC, Oil Pump, Start-Stop Systems, Vacuum Pump

High Frequency PCB Substrates

Some Typical Uses: Adaptive Cruise Control, Antenna Booster, Automated Tolling Tags, Blind Spot Detection, Collision Avoidance and Mitigation, GPS, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Telematics, V2X Antenna

High Performance Gaskets

Some Typical Uses: Exterior Lighting Seals, On-board EV Charging Seal, Roof Mounted Antenna Seal, Sensors, Back Up Camera Seals, Drive Train PCB Isolation Pad, EV & HEV Battery Isolation/Battery Separator & Compression Pad, Heat Shields, Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Isolation (BSR), Nose, Vibration & Harshness Isolation Pads, Tolerance and Gap Pads

Power Connectivity & Distribution

Some Typical Applications: AC-DC Converter/DC-DC Converter, Battery Modules, Motor, Power Steering, Start-Stop Systems

Vibration Management Foams

Some Typical Uses: Bumper Isolator Pad, Dampers/Isolators for Shock, Vibration, Noise and Impact, Gas Tank Isolator Pad, Airbag Sensor, Arm Rest Pad, Door Handle Isolation Pad, Infotainment Display Seal and Isolation Pad, Interior Trim for Cup Holders & Bin Liners, Sunroof Control Panel


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