Aerospace and Defense

Reliability of materials under extreme conditions is critical for aerospace, commercial aircraft, and defense applications. That’s why aircraft and defense systems designers have relied on our materials for decades. Today, the majority of the world's commercial and military aircraft rely on the reliability and performance of our high frequency circuit materials for radar and navigation systems, as well as our BISCO® silicone foams for extreme sealing, vibration and noise reduction.

Antenna, Radar and Guidance Systems

High reliability circuit materials that meet tight performance specifications in applications such as phase array antennas, ground based and airborne radar systems, global positioning system antennas, beam forming networks and power backplanes.

Components For Improved Performance & Heat Dissipation in Electronic Power Modules

    Interior Sealing,Gasketing, Cushioning & Gap Filling Solutions

    High Temperature (up to 200C) silicone materials meet stringent to Federal Aviation Regulations for aircraft interior seals, carpet pads, vibration and noise abatement.

      Seating Solutions

      Silicone seating solutions created to enhance passenger comfort and provide increased durability.

      Vibration & Acoustic Solutions

      High Performance vibration dampening and sound abatement using our advanced BISCO® silicones or components of ENDUR® molded shapes.

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