Mobile and Consumer Electronics

As smart phones, mobile devices, and consumer electronics get smaller, more powerful and more versatile our ability to connect to the world expands exponentially. Advancing these products requires solving demanding design, application and fabrication challenges. Designers trust Rogers as the industry leader for high performance materials and components to meets the needs of their increasingly complex electrical and mechanical designs.

Microwave and RF Applications

High frequency laminates for LNB (low noise block converter) in satellite TV receiver and wireless mobile devices applications. Thin laminates and prepregs for reduced weight and space saving designs.

Gasket, Sealing, and Gap Filling

High performance materials to seal out water and dust, impact absorption, and provide long-term gap filling in handheld device applications.

Handheld Devices and Timepieces

Thin electroluminescent lamp and driver backlighting solutions for timepieces and handheld device keypads and displays.

Foot Pads

Anti-slip material designed to protect and cushion for use in telephones, DVD players, computers, and many other consumer electronics.

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