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Rogers’ PORON® Urethane Material Helps Innovative Orthotic Insole Take First Step

Release Date: 03/05/2009

An innovative new orthotic insole called OrthoSole® is now on the market and it comes equipped with a PORON® Urethane layer from Rogers Corporation for a more comfortable, personalized fit.

The OrthoSole insole, from Athena Pacific, is a patent pending, easy-to-fit insole that provides optimal comfort and customizable support. All elements selected for use in the OrthoSole insole are of the highest quality and durability, and work together to make an intelligent structure.

Rogesr PORON Urethane Material Helps Innovative Orthotic Insole Take First Step

The key to the uniqueness of the OrthoSole insole is its innovative adjustable support system. Significantly, OrthoSole is the world’s first insole with adjustable arch and metatarsal support elements. Each OrthoSole insole comes with five support options for macro adjustments that can be made by the wearer – light, medium and firm support arch adjustment pads and light and medium support metatarsal adjustment pads. Each support pad is uniquely shaped.

The sixth element to the OrthoSole insole is the PORON Urethane layer, which provides micro adjustments. Developed by Rogers’ High Performance Foams Division, it is a heat and pressure sensitive high density memory foam material. It provides relief of foot pressure points and, in concert with the adjustable support elements, improved body alignment and better weight distribution.

PORON Urethanes serve a variety of uses in shoes, apparel, outdoor equipment and sports applications. They are comprised of fine celled polyurethane and provide excellent resistance to compression set – making them ideal for use in insoles.

The OrthoSole insole is the culmination of three years of intense product development with an objective to create something totally new in an advanced insole. Pioneered by husband and wife team Damian and Aimee Donzis, experienced insole and product design entrepreneurs, the pair assembled an international team of podiatry and sports professionals, orthopaedic surgeons and product development and marketing specialists to launch Athena Pacific and the OrthoSole insole.

Aimee and Damian were well aware of PORON urethanes’capabilities and its use in footwear products and approached Rogers’ High Performance Foams Division in Connecticut for product samples for possible use in their insole.

As start-up entrepreneurs they found Rogers’ reaction to be very receptive, even “surprising, in a positive way,” according to Aimee. The two first met with Rogers’ PORON representatives – sales engineers Rachel Leyba and Stan Karro – across the dining room table of their home in San Diego.

“We don’t usually make sales calls in people’s homes,” says Rachel. But with the Donzis’, their home was just the start as subsequent meetings took place in a nearby park and in local restaurants over lunch. There was a lot of back and forth, Rachel recalls. “What struck me about the couple was their attitude and knowledge. They wanted to distinguish themselves. They wanted something special in terms of the materials they would use and the final product they had in mind.”

Rogers’ R&D supplied about a half dozen PORON offerings until the couple had what they were looking for.

OrthoSole insoles can be worn with any type of shoe that permits the insole to fit snugly in the shoe, leaves one’s toes with sufficient room to move, and fit comfortably when worn. They are available in a full range of shoe sizes so there’s no need to trim them. Depending on the type of activities the wearer engages in and the environments encountered, body weight and type of shoe used, OrthoSole insoles should last a full year. Each pair comes with a 90-day perfect fit guarantee.

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PORON urethane material, in addition to footwear, apparel and sports equipment, also has uses in communication and computer equipment, appliances, medical devices and automotive products. For more information visit

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