RO-LINX® Busbars

RO-LINX® BusbarsRO-LINX Busbars

The RO-LINX® busbars family consists of:

Our RO-LINX products reflect Rogers’ commitment to outstanding quality and reliability, low inductance, error-free wiring and low installation cost.

Product Lines

RO-LINX PowerCircuit® SolutionsRO-LINX PowerCircuit® Solutions
Our newest innovation, the RO-LINX PowerCircuit® busbar provides a solution for low power applications with currents greater than 100Amps.
RO-LINX® Easy Laminated BusbarsRO-LINX® Easy Laminated Busbars
Our Entry level product, the RO-LINX® Easy Laminated Busbar was designed to replace Stacked Busbars and simplify the supply chain.
RO-LINX® HybridRO-LINX® Hybrid
The RO-LINX® Hybrid is a one-piece busbar solution with integrated connectors and surface mount components to plug into the battery module and connect to the battery management system.
RO-LINX® Performance Laminated BusbarsRO-LINX® Performance Laminated Busbars
State-of-the-art laminated busbar technology for high power applications to optimize inductance and control partial discharge.
RO-LINX® Thermal Laminated BusbarsRO-LINX® Thermal Laminated Busbars
Developed with a new insulation material allowing to operate at a working temperature range up to 125°C, allowing more power from your power system.