Liquid level sensors come in many different shapes and sizes, and are made for a variety of small engine applications. For years mechanical floats have been the standard for maintaining the liquid level in an application. Rogers Nitrophyl NBR floats have been in use in carburetor and fuel level sensing for more than 40 years. First used as floats in automobiles and trucks, our floats now span applications in small engines for marine, lawn equipment and recreational applications to improve long-term reliability of the liquid-sensing system.

The key is in our NITROPHYL® NBR (Buna-N) Technology

Unlike hollow-core plastic or metal floats which can fail suddenly, NITROPHYL® NBR floats are made of closed cell foam, giving the float a solid core that improves reliability and lifetime of the float.

Key Features

  • Excellent resistance to gasoline, diesel and many other hydrocarbons
  • Security of knowing that the closed cell structure of NITROPHYL®NBR floats will not crack, fill with fuel or unexpectedly fail
  • The ability to withstand extreme conditions and operate at very low and high temperatures

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