• Resistant to temperature extremes, UV and ozone
  • Extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue
  • Excellent compression-set and creep resistance
  • Compliance with the most stringent UL flame ratings
  • Manufactured in an AS-9100 ISO-9001:2000 certified facility


 A2 Sound Barrier Silicone

  • Typical Density of 1.2-8.2kg/m2
  • 62 Shore A Durometer
  • Meets the most demanding requirements for flammability, smoke density and toxicity

BF-1000 Extra-Soft Silicone Foam

  • High compressibility, softness and durability
  • Typical Density of 12 PCF
  • CFD range 1-5 PSI

BF-2000 Ultra-Soft Silicone Foam

  • Low weight and soft cellular silicone foam
  • Typical Density of 10 PCF
  • Compression Force Deflection (CFD) 2.5 PSI Maximum
  • Ideal for transportation applications and areas where low closure force and dust sealing are critical

EC-2130 Silicone EMI Shield

  • Reduce EMI and RFI at frequencies above 10 Ghz
  • Available Thickness: .063”-.125”
  • Shore OO 80+/-1 Durometer
  • +100 db shielding effectiveness

Flame Resistant Sponge Silicone

  • Available in three grades: soft, medium and firm
  • Flame resistant with temperature resistance range of -103°F to 450°F

FPC Silicone Fire Barrier

  • Resists burn through of flames as high as 1900°F
  • Available Thickness: .063”-.250”

HT-200 Silicone Sound Barrier

  • Designed to reduce sound transmission while preventing the spread of fire and smoke
  • Available Thickness: .025”-.150”
  • Available with or without adhesives and supported backings

HT-800 Medium Silicone Foam

  • Versatile, medium firmness cellular silicone foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of sponge rubber
  • Typical Density of 22 PCF
  • CFD Range 6-14 PSI

HT-820 Firm Silicone Foam

  • Firm grade cellular silicone foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of sponge rubber
  • Offers higher tear and tensile strength than lighter grade BISCO® foams
  • Typical Density of 24 PCF
  • CFD Range 12-20 PSI

HT-840 Extra-Firm Silicone Foam

  • Very firm grade cellular silicone foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of sponge rubber
  • Offers higher tear and tensile strength than lighter grade BISCO® foams
  • Typical Density of 28 PCF
  • CFD Range 16-26 PSI

HT-870 Soft Silicone Foam

  • Firmer, denser version of BF-1000 Extra-Soft Silicone Foam
  • Typical Density of 15 PCF
  • CFD range 2-7 PSI

HT-1200 Series Silicone Rubbers

  • Firmer silicone rubbers designed for high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications
  • Available Thickness: .031”-.125”
  • Resistant to high temperatures, tear, and most fluids

HT-1500 Silicone Press Pad

  • Remains stable at temperatures 350F+ and pressures 350psi+
  • Available Thickness: .031”-.125”
  • AMS3320 Specification

HT-6000 Series Silicones

  • Offer low compression set (<5%), high tear strength, resistance to fluids and extremely tight thickness tolerances
  • Available in soft to firm grades
  • Available Thickness: .031”-.125”

IF-200 Tear Resistant Foam

  • Abrasion resistant foam that can withstand harsher environments with minimal risk of tearing
  • Available Thickness: 5mm (.197”)
  • Includes a fiberglass support layer that is directly bonded to BISCO® BF-1000 foam

L3-XX40 Dynamic Flooring Material

  • Engineered to meet global standards for flammability, smoke and toxicity
  • Available Thickness: 4-25mm
  • Typical Density of 352kg/m3

MF1® Bun Silicone

  • Lightweight cellular silicone foams cast into block form up to 8 inches thick
  • Designed for a wide range of cushioning and sealing applications
  • Features exceptional FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) resistance, superior weather and UV resistance, and low compression set

MSK-2 Kevlar Foam

  • Silicone reinforced with Kevlar
  • For use in demanding aerospace applications

RF-120 Silicone Heat Shield

  • Specialty reflective silicone consisting of a smooth aluminized fabric and BISCO® BF-1000 foam
  • Both insulates against and reflects heat
  • Available Thicknesses 2.5mm (.098”), 5mm (.197”)

RS-700 Industrial Silicone Sponge

  • Closed cell silicone sponges made in continuous rolls
  • High tensile strength, low compression set and a smooth surface to laminate and bond adhesives
  • Available Thickness: .094”-.5”

SilFX™ Silicone Foam

  • Lightest silicone cushion foam on the market
  • Designed specifically for aircraft seating and cushioning applications
  • Non-petroleum based open-cell silicone foam enables thinner, more comfortable seat cushions without the need for fire-blocking


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