When it comes to fire protection, Rogers has it covered. BISCO® Fire Protective Covering (FPC) materials are patented flame-retardant silicone foams designed to protect sensitive components from potential fire damage. The flexible foam materials have the unique ability to resist burn-through of flames with temperatures up to 1900°F (1038°C) while reducing the spread of flames to other areas. These unique features enable the material to solve safety and design issues for critical industrial and transportation applications.

Due to patented technology, FPC fire block materials emit extremely low levels of smoke or toxic gas when subjected to fire, making them ideal for aircraft and railcar cabins where smoke and toxic fumes can be life threatening to passengers. The materials are typically wrapped around cables or electronics, and may also be used as a barrier curtain or blanket in applications like cargo covers for aircraft or fire-suits. In railcars, FPC materials can serve as a protective covering for railcar brake lines or as fire barriers between passenger compartments.

BISCO FPC materials are available in various thicknesses in continuous roll form for ease of manufacture and conversion to the proper dimensions. They are available with or without pressure-sensitive adhesives.

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