Finding the Formula for Low-Loss RF Microwave Laminates

Jun 05, 2023 | John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager

With Rogers’ RF microwave laminates, circuit designers and fabricators can count on the accuracy and precision of key parameters such as Dk to find the low-loss formula for their application.

Rogers Corporation Rings the NYSE Closing Bell® in Celebration of Investor and Analyst Day

Apr 04, 2023 | Corporate Communications

On March 30, leaders from Rogers Corporation gathered at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the Closing Bell® in commemoration of the 2023 Investor and Analyst Day.

New DeWAL® Tool Improves Search and Offers Advanced Features

Mar 31, 2023 | Elastomeric Material Solutions

The DeWAL® Product Properties Guide is a new addition to Rogers’ library of tools that has streamlined customers’ approach to searching, filtering and sorting product specifications.

Employee Mental Wellness – Lauren's Story

Jan 18, 2023 | Lauren Dale, Human Resource Specialist

Human Resource Specialist Lauren Dale shares her perspective on building anticipation and the power of having something to look forward to.