For direct printing on combined board and use on the newest multi-color presses, as well as older presses, R/bak eliminates many problems while improving print quality and productivity. Used for film, label and corrugated printing, R/bak materials improve registration and ink transfer, reduce dot gain and gear banding, decrease plate deformation and allow the use of finer screens for finer line work. R/bak materials also reduce pressure and absorb shock for flexographic printing plates.


  • Longer plate and cushion life
  • Higher print quality
  • Consistent compressibility performance in a compressible plate mounting system


R/bak® SA 2100 Thin Tape

  • Soft Combination Plate Mounting Tape ideal for screen and process applications

R/bak® SA 2300 Thin Tape

  • Medium combination plate mounting tape ideal for general purpose applications

R/bak® SA 2500 Thin Tape

  • Firm combination plate mounting tape ideal for line and solid applications

R/bak® SF

  • General purpose cushion for use in solids, line and process printing on corrugated substrates

R/bak® SR 2000 Series

  • SR 2100-Soft open cell urethane for demanding process and combination applications
  • SR 2500-Firmer open cell urethane for solid and line printing work

R/bak® SS

  • Soft modulus cushion for use in fine line multi-color process printing on corrugated substrates

R/bak® U

  • Unsupported – designed without a support/mount substrates
  • For use in cylinder build-up, spot cushioning and spot coating

R/bak® U1A

  • Combined with single sided acrylic adhesive technology
  • Offers flexibility to bond directly PVC or PET carrier film

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