With a low dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor, XtremeSpeed RO1200 materials provide outstanding signal integrity, reduced signal skew and reduced cross-talk. Combined with superior thermal/mechanical performance, low CTE and a halogen free UL 94 V-0 rating, XtremeSpeed RO1200 materials are well suited for the most demanding high layer count applications.


  • Low Dk
  • Max dissipation factor of .0017 (Laminate) and .0012 (Bondply) at 10GHz
  • Low CTE, Decomposition Temperature (Td) of 500°C TGA
  • Low profile rolled copper cladding on laminates
  • Spread glass reinforced laminates for improved rigidity and ease of handling
  • Unreinforced bondply enables best-in-class electrical performance
  • Halogen free


  • Outstanding signal integrity (SI)
  • Excellent thermal/mechanical performance characteristics
  • Lead-free process compatible
  • Reduced signal skew
  • Ideal for high layer count structures

Please see below for a sampling of data for this material formulation. For detailed material information and to use advanced features such as filtering, visit the Laminate Properties Tool.

XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™
Dielectric Constant, @10GHZ (2.5 GHz) Typical (Process) 3.03-3.10+/-0.10
Dielectric Constant, @10GHZ (2.5 GHz) Typical (Design) 3.03-3.10
Dissipation Factor TAN @10 GHz (2.5 GHz) (Typical) 0.0017
Thermal Coefficient εr -50°C to 150°C ppm/°C (Typical) -35
Volume Resistivity Mohm (Typical) 1.3x107
Surface Resistivity Mohm (Typical) 2.5x106
Water Absorption D48/50% (Typical) 0.03
Thermal Conductivity W/m/°K (Typical) 50°C ASTM D5470 0.42
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion -55° to 288°C ppm/°C (Typical) X 8
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion -55° to 288°C ppm/°C (Typical) Y 8
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion -55° to 288°C ppm/°C (Typical) Z 30
Peel Strength 1 oz (35um) ED Foil lbs/in. (N/mm) (Typical) >4.5(>0.79)
Density gm/cm3 (Typical) 2.1
Flammability Rating UL94 V-0
Lead-Free Process Compatible Y
PIM dBc Typical



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