Our curamik Ceramic substrates offer high heat conductivity, high heat capacity and thermal spreading of the substrates' thick copper cladding, making our substrates indispensable to power electronics. The low coefficient of thermal expansion of the ceramic substrate means they outperform substrates based on metal or plastic.


  • Great heat conductivity and temperature resistance
  • High insulation voltage
  • High heat spreading
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion outperforms metal or plastic substrates
  • Adjusted expansion coefficient enables chip on board
  • Efficient processing of master cards and single pieces
  • Range of formulations optimized for various power applications


curamik® Endurance

  • Available in multiple ceramic types, including Al2O3 , HPS (ZTA), AlN
  • Enhanced reliability performance compared to material combinations of the same dimensions

curamik® Performance

  • Based on Si3N4 ceramics and produced in Active Metal Brazed (AMB) process
  • Used in applications where long lifetime, high power density and robustness are required
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 90 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in 6 thickness combinations
  • CTE of 2.5 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Power

  • Al2O3 provides best price-performance ratio
  • Offers sufficient thermal and mechanical properties for the most common applications
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 24 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in many thickness combinations
  • CTE of 6.8 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Power Plus

  • HPS substrates provide enhanced robustness through Zr doped Al2O3 ceramics
  • Used in medium power output applications
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 26 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in many thickness combinations
  • CTE of 7.1 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Thermal

  • Based on AlN ceramics and combines excellent thermal conductivity with good mechanical stability
  • Used in very high operational voltage and power density applications
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 170 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in many thickness combinations
  • CTE of 4.7 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C


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