ARLON products outperform competitors in harsh environments and demanding applications, and are used for a wide range of industrial purposes.


  • Our products draw on decades of experience in developing superior quality silicone materials
  • Internal design and development means high performance and reliability
  • Product performance and process performance are tailored to customer needs
  • Wide range of products, including silicone elastomer, fabrics, films and foils
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified


Coil Insulation

  • Silicone insulation for coils in large rotating machines

Hose & Duct Substrates

  • Lightweight silicone rubber/fiberglass fabric composites for hoses and ducts

Industrial Cellular Silicones

  • Available in continuous rolls
  • Ranging from Closed Cell Sponge to Open Cell Foam

Solid Silicone Sheet

  • Available in many grades, colors and strengths
  • Multiple durometers in most grades
  • Specialized options available, including electrically conductive, extreme temperature grade and more

Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes

  • Arlon® Self Fusing Tape (available Flame Retardant): silicone rubber self-fusing tapes packaged for retail display and resale
  • LevelWrap®, MOX-Tape® and Rapid-Bond™ Fusible Tapes: silicone rubber self-fusing tapes

Silicone Flexible Heater Substrates

  • Flexible silicone rubber/fiberglass fabric composites for high temperature flexible heaters
  • raPId™ polyimide flex heater substrates are Polyimide substrates that combine the benefits of polyimide heater dielectrics with the flexibility and usability of a silicone adhesive system

Thermal Interface Materials

  • Protect® Silicone Thermal Transfer Insulator Pads: insulator sheets made of cured silicone rubber with functional additives formulated to deliver specific thermal, physical and electrical properties
  • Secure® Silicone Thermal Transfer Adhesives: composites of silicone polymer and functional additives formulated to deliver unique thermal, physical and electrical properties
  • Thermabond® Adhesive: silicone rubber-based adhesives for decoupling CTE induced stress in electronic assemblies

Thermavac® Vacuum Bags

  • High strength and elongation silicone rubber sheeting used to construct reusable vacuum bags

Ultrapad® Press Pads

  • Reusable silicone rubber press pads for rigid, flex and rigid-flex circuit lamination processes

Properties Guide

  • ARLON® Product Properties Guide

    Generate ARLON® data sheets by filtering product information using various criteria, including property groups, product category or units, to find the best material for the application.


Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS) tools provide design engineers with the information needed to make calculations, compare and select materials.

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