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RF Solutions Laminates and 3D Printable Materials

RF laminates and 3D printable materials enabling better design and performance.

AD Series® Laminates

Rogers AD Series PTFE or woven glass based laminates are designed for use in high frequency PCB materials.

Anteo™ Laminates

Anteo™ laminates provide dielectric constants (Dk) in alignment with FR-4 industry standards, simplifying the transition from existing FR-4 designs when superior electrical performance is required.

CLTE Series® Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s CLTE Series® products are PTFE, woven-glass, microdispersed ceramic composite laminates with low CTE values ideal for high reliability.

CuClad® Series

Rogers Corporation’s CuClad® laminates are woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as PCB substrates and radomes in high frequency applications.

DiClad® Series Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s DiClad® laminates are fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as printed circuit board substrates in high frequency applications.

IM Series™ Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s IM Series™ laminates extend the capabilities of the successful AD300D™, AD255C™ and DiClad® 880 product grades.

IsoClad® Series Laminates

IsoClad® laminates are non-woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as printed circuit board substrates.

Kappa® 438 Laminates

Kappa® 438 thermoset laminates are glass reinforced hydrocarbon materials, developed for wireless circuit designers looking for a better performing and more reliable alternative to FR-4 laminates.

MAGTREX® Laminates

MAGTREX® 555 high impedance laminates are the first commercially available low loss laminate with controlled permeability and permittivity.

Radix™ Printable Dielectric

Radix Printable Dielectric material is the first UV-curable 3D printing resin designed for RF applications.

RO3000® Series

RO3000® high frequency circuit materials are ceramic-filled PTFE composites intended for use in commercial microwave and RF applications.

RO4000® Series

RO4000® hydrocarbon ceramic laminates and prepregs are the industry leader.

RT/duroid® Laminates

RT/duroid® high frequency circuit materials are filled PTFE (random glass or ceramic) composite laminates for use in high reliability, aerospace and defense applications.

TC Series® Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s TC Series® laminates are PTFE, woven fiberglass and high thermal conductivity ceramic filled materials that provide improved PBC thermal management for applications requiring high power RF signals.

TMM® Laminates

Rogers TMM® thermoset microwave laminates combine low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant, a copper matched coefficient of thermal expansion and dielectric constant uniformity.

XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ Series 

Rogers Corporation’s XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ laminates and bondplys are low dielectric constant, low loss materials engineered to meet the unique electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements of high speed designs.

RF Solutions Prepregs, Bondplys, and Thermally & Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Designed for consistent reliability and performance for the most demanding multi-layer PWB applications.

2929 Bondply Series

Rogers 2929 bondply is an unreinforced, thermoset based, thin film adhesive system.

CuClad® 6250 Bonding Film

  • Dk or 2.32
  • Ethylene-acrylic acid thermoplastic copolymer bonding film

CuClad® 6700 Bonding Film

  • Dk of 2.35
  • Chloro-trifluoroethylene (CTFE) thermoplastic copolymer bonding film


COOLSPAN® Thermally and Electrically Conductive Adhesive (TECA) is a thermosetting, epoxy based, silver filled adhesive film used in bonding high power circuit boards.

RO4400™/RO4400T™ Series Bondply

  • Prepreg family based on RO4000 series core materials.
  • Sequential lamination capable
  • Lead free soldering capable
  • Thinner options for improved multilayer design flexibility

SpeedWave® 300P Prepreg

SpeedWave® 300P prepreg is a low dielectric constant, ultra-low loss resin material system that can be used to bond a variety of Rogers’ laminates

XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ Series 

Rogers Corporation’s XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ laminates and bondplys are low dielectric constant, low loss materials engineered to meet the unique electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements of high speed designs.

curamik® Cooling Solutions

A suite of advanced liquid cooling solutions powered by the state of the art curamik® bonding process.

curamik® CoolEasy

  • High precise machined copper cooler
  • Capable of being diamond-milled for laser diode specifications
  • Used with high power laser diodes in the 20-80W range

curamik® CoolPerformance /
curamik® CoolPerformance Plus

  • High performance copper coolers for laser diode applications
  • Cool laser diode bars up to 5 mm cavity length
  • Can be used with high power laser diodes in the 20-100W range
  • curamik CoolPerformance Plus reduces the CTE value to 5-6.5 ppm/K

curamik® CoolPower /
curamik® CoolPower Plus

  • Copper liquid coolers for high power applications
  • Layers hermetically combined without any additional soldering or adhesive
  • curamik CoolPower Plus coolers are integrated Direct Bond Copper (DBC) with ceramic substrates, enabling direct component assembly and electrical isolation from the cooling circuit

curamik® Metallized Ceramic Substrates

Rogers Corporation’s curamik® product suite offers best-in-class metallized ceramic substrates that lead the industry in enabling power electronic printed circuits.

curamik® Performance

  • Based on Si3N4 ceramics and produced in Active Metal Brazed (AMB) process
  • Used in applications where long lifetime, high power density and robustness are required
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 90 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in 6 thickness combinations
  • CTE of 2.5 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Power

  • Al2O3 provides best price-performance ratio
  • Offers sufficient thermal and mechanical properties for the most common applications
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 24 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in many thickness combinations
  • CTE of 6.8 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Power Plus

  • HPS substrates provide enhanced robustness through Zr doped Al2O3 ceramics
  • Used in medium power output applications
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 26 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in many thickness combinations
  • CTE of 7.1 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Thermal

  • Based on AlN ceramics and combines excellent thermal conductivity with good mechanical stability
  • Used in very high operational voltage and power density applications
  • Offers thermal conductivity of 170 W/m K @ 20°C
  • Available in many thickness combinations
  • CTE of 4.7 ppm/K @ 20°C - 300°C

curamik® Endurance

  • Available in multiple ceramic types, including Al2O3 , HPS (ZTA), AlN
  • Enhanced reliability performance compared to material combinations of the same dimensions

ROLINX® Busbar Solutions

Rogers Corporation’s ROLINX® busbars are the global industry leader. Laminated busbars are engineered components used for power distribution.

ROLINX® CapLink Solutions

  • Unique soldering process mounts capacitors to ROLINX laminated busbars
  • Produces small, lightweight assemblies with extremely low inductance and high power density
  • Supports SiC technology

ROLINX® Compact

  • Most optimal connection solution for high power distribution in very limited space
  • Uses powder coating as outer insulation instead of insulation films, allowing for even greater compactness than a laminated busbar
  • Easy and quick to install
  • High power density capabilities and high temperature resistance


  • Most cost-efficient, simplified busbar solution
  • Designed to replace stacked busbars and simplify the supply chain


  • Flexible busbar with pure copper laminates
  • Offers flexibility for customized solutions
  • Space saving, easy and quick bending
  • Available in standard and customized length

ROLINX® Hybrid

  • Combination of power and signal (logic) electronics on a single circuit
  • One-piece busbar solution reduces installation time and eliminates wiring errors
  • Simplifies the supply chain with a single-piece solution
  • Features integrated connectors and surface mount components

ROLINX® Performance

  • State-of-the-art laminated busbar technology for demanding, high power applications
  • Provides optimized inductance and controls partial discharge
  • Shaped to fit high voltage applications
  • Compact design

ROLINX® PowerCircuit Solution

  • Combines the advantages of PCB and laminated busbar
  • Meets the needs of low power applications with currents greater than 100 Amps
  • Fit for high volume assembly processes and interconnection techniques
  • Compact 3D design & wave soldering capability

ROLINX® Thermal

  • Enables existing power system design to be upgraded to a higher power level
  • Extended temperature 130 deg. C range and humidity rating
  • Allows for more power through the same copper section


Rogers partners with customers in a wide range of industries, providing advanced materials to power, protect and connect our world.


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