SpeedWave 300P prepreg is offered with multiple spread and open weave glass style and resin content combinations to maximize stackup options. This material exhibits excellent fill and flow capability around heavy copper features, a low z-axis expansion for plated through hole reliability and is CAF resistant. SpeedWave 300P prepreg is also compatible with FR-4 fabrication processes and lead-free PCB assembly processing.


  • Low dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.0 – 3.3 at 10 GHz
  • Low dissipation factor (Df) of 0.0019 – 0.0022 at 10 GHz
  • Incorporates low Dk glass reinforcement with a range of spread and open weave offerings
  • Excellent fill and flow around heavy copper features
  • CAF resistant
  • UL 94-V-0


  • Compatible with a variety of Rogers’ high frequency and high speed laminates
  • Ideal for high layer count designs
  • Low z-axis expansion for plated through-hole reliability
  • Capable of multiple sequential laminations
  • Compatible with FR-4 fabrication processes and lead-free PCB assembly processing


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
SpeedWave® 300P Data Sheet English
SpeedWave 300P 半固化片数据资料表 中文
Fabrication Information
SpeedWave 300P Prepreg Fabrication Guidelines English
SpeedWave 300P 半固化片加工指南 中文
SpeedWave 300P Prepreg - SDS English
SpeedWave 300P Prepreg - SDS 中文


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