The majority of modern handheld devices now have cellular and WiFi antennas. Typical frequency bands in 5G communication include 1-6 GHz and mmWave. These antennas are typically very small and enable mobile device users to access the internet via global mobile networks or local WiFi access points. They may also turn a device into a mobile hotspot. High performance antennas are critical to providing reliable connectivity and access to various wireless standards and global frequencies.

There are several ways to create an antenna for handheld devices.  One way to ensure precise dielectric properties and conductor width and spacing is to use printed circuit board technology. Rogers provides laminates and prepregs that allow designers to create low-loss, precise and reliable RF printed circuit boards.

Portfolio of Laminates

Rogers offers a unique portfolio of circuit laminates to meet the many challenges faced by handheld device cellular and WiFi antenna designers.  Engineered for high reliability and consistent performance with low losses at high frequencies, Rogers’ antenna solutions include a broad range of dielectric constant and thicknesses to achieve bandwidth, gain and space requirements, at any design frequency. Benefits also include dielectric constant stability over temperature and precision thickness control

Related Products

Anteo™ Laminates

Anteo™ laminates provide dielectric constants (Dk) in alignment with FR-4 industry standards, simplifying the transition from existing FR-4 designs when superior electrical performance is required.

CLTE Series® Laminates

Rogers Corporation’s CLTE Series® products are PTFE, woven-glass, microdispersed ceramic composite laminates with low CTE values ideal for high reliability.

CuClad® Series

Rogers Corporation’s CuClad® laminates are woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based composites for use as PCB substrates and radomes in high frequency applications.

RO3000® Series

RO3000® high frequency circuit materials are ceramic-filled PTFE composites intended for use in commercial microwave and RF applications.

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