Achieving a reliable and long-term attachment can be challenging when joining dissimilar substrates. Compared to traditional structural fastening methods, modern design and sustainability requirements often render mechanical fasteners and welding less effective than adhesives and other bonding solutions. Replacing traditional fasteners with self-fusing tapes, adhesives or other bonding solutions from Rogers Corporation can solve these challenges, extend product life and enable clean, reliable design. Additionally, these substrates maintain their fastening in extreme conditions.

Self-Fusing Tapes

Arlon LevelWrap®, MOX-Tape® and Rapid-Bond™ silicone self-fusing tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber that allows them to bond only to themselves. The permanent bond provides an insulating barrier resistant to moisture, ozone and corona over a wide temperature range (-65°F up to +500°F).

Specialty Adhesive Substrates

ARLON SilQuench® Hose & Duct Substrates

SilQuench® hose and duct substrates have excellent bond strength while meeting the most stringent flame-resistant requirements. These silicone bonding substrates are based on highly flame-retardant silicone technology, effectively sealing from -60°C to 200°C (-76°F to 392°F). SilQuench® hose and duct substrates are available in ultra-lightweight construction, an excellent choice for flexible aircraft environmental control system ducting.

ARLON® raPId™ Polyimide Substrates for Flexible Heaters

ARLON® raPId™ polyimide substrates are comprised of a revolutionary new construction that incorporates the benefits of polyimide heater dielectrics with the flexibility and usability of a silicone adhesive system. This combination greatly reduces cure temperatures/pressures and cycle times. For high-temperature heaters, Arlon manufactures a full line of silicone rubber and fiberglass fabric composites UL rated for vertical and horizontal burn for electrical insulation of flexible heaters. Arlon’s silicone rubber and fiberglass fabric composites operate reliably and offer long service life in both wire wound and etched foil heater applications.

Thermal Interface Adhesives

ARLON Thermabond® Adhesives

Thermabond® electronic adhesives are a unique class of elastomeric thermal interface materials that provide thermal-mechanical stress decoupling and a reliable heat transfer path while acting as a mechanical fastener. Thermabond® is available in a range of thermal conductivities, including an electrically conductive line for ground plane continuity, ESD grounding, and EMI shielding and RF shielding.

ARLON Secure® Silicone Thermal Transfer Adhesives

Secure® adhesive films are composites of silicone polymer and functional additives formulated to deliver a unique set of thermal, physical and electrical properties. The form and function of Secure® is born from more than 60 years of silicone manufacturing knowledge and over 20 years of experience formulating silicone adhesive systems under the Thermabond® brand for mission critical, high reliability, extreme environment applications for leading military, defense and aerospace contractors. Secure® adhesives have been developed specifically for power electronics, LEDs and similar thermal management applications where long-term reliability is a top concern.

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ARLON® Silicones

Rogers ARLON® Silicone Technologies are the industry leaders in silicone elastomers.

EC2265 Electrically Conductive

Rogers BISCO EC2265 Electrically Conductive Silicone dissipates heat from electrostatic discharge.

HT-1200 Series Silicone Rubbers

Rogers BISCO HT-1200 series of general purpose silicone rubbers are firmer in nature, ideal for use in general industrial type applications.

HT-6000 Series Silicones

Rogers BISCO HT-6000 series of performance solid silicones offer enhanced sealing capabilities for medical and industrial appliance applications.

MS Medical & Life Science Series

Rogers BISCO MS Medical & Life Science Series is a suite of high-performance silicone foams and solids for medical and life science applications.

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