In the complex multilayer lamination of circuit materials for today’s sophisticated electronics, fabricators rely on advanced material solutions to reduce part defects and increase production rates. Silicone rubbers have become the material of choice for challenging heat press operations, replacing the single use Kraft paper previously used. Silicones can be reused for multiple runs and offer a wide operating temperature range, good compression set properties and mechanical stability. When selecting a silicone press pad, durability, quality and cost are critical. Press pads must last through multiple press cycles while preventing surface defects and oil seepage during the lamination process.

ARLON UltraPad® Press Pads

ARLON Ultrapad® Press Pads are a family of reusable, high performance silicone-fabric composites designed for use in rigid, flex and rigid-flex circuit lamination processes. Expert formulation and construction provide exceptional longevity compared to disposable products and other silicone press pads on the market. UltraPad® press pads deliver unsurpassed savings in running costs. The specially formulated silicone rubber compounds used in UltraPad® press pads are designed for optimum thermal stability and compressibility in the lamination environment. They deliver consistent performance from the first cycle to the last and are the most cost-effective press pad solution across a wide range of process pressures and temperatures for circuit lamination in traditional and fast press processes.

UltraPad® press pads eliminate the need for single-use, throw-away pressure distribution vehicles such as Kraft paper, blotter paper, chipboard, and other nonwoven paper-like pads. UltraPad® press pads are the green choice allowing users to reduce the volume of their waste streams and imprint on the environment.

BISCO® HT-1500 Press Pads

A reinforced silicone rubber composite, BISCO®HT-1500 is designed for press pad and high strength gasketing applications where durability and tear resistance are critical. The coated fiberglass layer sandwiched between two layers of silicone rubber provides dimensional stability as the press pad is subjected to temperatures above 350°F (177°C) and pressures above 350 psi (2413 kPa). It replaces less durable press pad materials, such as Kraft paper, in the manufacturing of flexible circuit components.

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