As data volume and broadband demand continues to expand, performance challenges increase for large electronic systems, including telecommunication switching systems, computer network routers and mainframe computer systems. In these applications, telecom system designers are challenged to provide a large number of interconnects, minimize noise and voltage drop throughout the system and facilitate the use of hot-swappable circuit boards and subsystems. ROLINX® laminated busbars help computer equipment designers meet these challenges, offering uncompromising electrical performance while minimizing EMI, RFI and crosstalk.

Power Distribution Efficiency

When used as telecom and datacom connectors, the low profile of ROLINX laminated busbars provides computer equipment designers with the ultimate package efficiency and consistent quality needed for the most demanding applications. A well-engineered power distribution system utilizing laminated busbars also addresses thermal management, with the busbar acting as a heat sink. The busbar’s form-fitting designs can help increase the air flow within a system where space is at a premium.

Cost Reduction and Enhanced Reliability

When used as connectors for a telecom network cabinet, busbars can reduce system costs, improve reliability, increase capacitance and eliminate wiring errors. They also lower inductance and lower impedance. Multilayer busbars offer a structural integrity that wiring methods cannot match, offering unique benefits to mechanical design.

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