For wire and cable applications where high temperature service rating and superior electrical properties are critical for protection, Rogers offers a wide variety of insulating and protection options. Applications include harnesses for electrical wiring in automotive and aerospace applications, cord covers, wire protectors, cable protectors, spacers for transformers and other electrical insulation applications where reliability is critical.

The DeWAL product family offers several wire and cable protection materials. DeWAL pressure sensitive tapes combine the strength, durability and versatility of the DeWAL brand family of high quality film products with proprietary formulations of silicone, acrylic or rubber-based adhesive systems. DeWAL unsintered PTFE is used as an insulating layer to protect critical wires and cables in demanding applications.

ARLON Silicone Self-Fusing Tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber that allows them to bond only to themselves. The permanent bond provides an insulating barrier resistant to moisture, ozone and corona over a wide temperature range. ARLON self-fusing tapes provide superior electrical insulation with a minimum dielectric strength of 300 VPM at 180°C (356°F).

BISCO® Silicone FPC patented Silicone Fire Protective Covering material is a specialty silicone designed to resist the burn-through of flames as high as 1900°F (1038°C). The fire barrier material protects sensitive or costly components susceptible to damage during fires. It is typically wrapped around cables or electronics and may also be used as a barrier curtain, fire-suit or blanket.

Related Products

ARLON® Silicones

Rogers ARLON® Silicone Technologies are the industry leaders in silicone elastomers.

BF-1000 Very Soft Silicone Foam

Rogers BF-1000 Extra Soft Cellular Silicone offers the compressibility, softness and durability needed for various sealing and cushioning applications.

DeWAL® Products

The DeWAL® product line is the industry leading manufacturer of high-performance polymer films and pressure-sensitive PTFE and UHMW tape.

EC2265 Electrically Conductive

Rogers BISCO EC2265 Electrically Conductive Silicone dissipates heat from electrostatic discharge.

FPC Silicone Fire Barrier

Rogers BISCO FPC Fire Protective Covering is a patented specialty silicone foam designed to resist flame burn-through at extremely high temperatures.

HT-800 Medium Silicone Foam

Rogers BISCO HT-800 Medium Cellular Silicone offers the lightness of foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of sponge rubber.

HT-820 Firm Silicone Foam

Rogers BISCO HT-820 Firm Cellular Silicone provides enhanced durability and sealing in a wide range of environmental conditions and applications.

HT-840 Extra-Firm Silicone Foam

Rogers BISCO HT-840 Extra Firm Cellular Silicone provides enhanced durability with the excellent sealing properties of sponge rubber.

HT-870 Soft Silicone Foam

Rogers BISCO HT-870 Soft Cellular Silicone is a firmer, denser version of our BF-1000 Silicone and offers the ability to seal and cushion within a wide range of applications.

IF-200 Tear Resistant Foam

Rogers BISCO IF-200 foam is an abrasion-resistant material that can withstand harsh environments with minimal risk of tearing.

MF1® Bun Silicone

Rogers BISCO MF1 Bun silicone offers superior durability and fire resistance in a wide range of cushioning applications.

RF-120 Silicone Heat Shield

Rogers BISCO RF-120 silicone is a specialty reflective foam capable of both insulating against heat and reflecting it away.

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