Rogers Corporation is committed to trading in compliance with all applicable trade regulations and restrictions that have been approved by recognized national and international authorities, including the United States, the European Union, China and any country in which the company conducts business. We must not participate in any prohibited boycotts or employ other prohibited trade restrictions.

We must obtain any necessary licenses for the import and export of our products and other items, as well as provide accurate, truthful information about our products to customs authorities.

What are trade restrictions?

Trade restrictions (including sanctions or embargoes) seek to prevent or limit trading with specific people or in specific countries. Boycotts involve a country refusing (for whatever reason) to do business, or prohibiting others from doing business, with one or more other countries.

What is expected of you?

  • Comply with all relevant local trade compliance laws, regulations and company policies and procedures if involved in the import or export of any item.
  • Consult the Legal & Compliance Department to verify that any trade controls you are subject to have been met and you have all required approvals by authorities recognized by the company, or that you are not doing business with parties subject to recognized trade restrictions.
  • Report promptly to the Legal & Compliance Department all actions or requests that may be related to prohibited boycotts.