Rogers Corporation is committed to carrying out its business in an environmentally responsible manner and integrating environmental considerations into our decision-making and work activities.

We work to understand and responsibly manage existing and emerging risks to the environment associated with, or affected by, our business activities.

We manage our environmental impact and seek to improve the sustainability of our activities by, among other things, economizing on our use of non-renewable energy and raw materials, minimizing the amount of waste we generate, recycling products and raw materials, controlling the potential impact of that waste on air and water and minimizing any adverse environmental effects associated with our products.

We promptly and completely investigate and respond to incidents that result in, or have the potential to cause, environmental harm.

What is expected of you?

  • Act only when appropriate environmental procedures are in place.
  • Understand the way in which our work may affect the environment, and seek to continually improve and reduce the environmental impact of your business activities.
  • Actively participate in energy saving and waste reduction programs.
  • Only undertake work for which necessary environmental training has been provided.

Why This Matters

2016: China’s highest court upheld the country’s largest-ever environmental fine of 160M yuan against six companies for improper chemical disposal, because the companies sold 25,000 metric tons of waste acids to a firm that did not have the authority to discharge the acids into local rivers. The court ruled that the companies were responsible for ensuring that the hazardous waste was disposed of properly.

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