Rogers Corporation is committed to working only with third parties, such as contractors, distributors, agents, suppliers, joint venture partners and licensing partners, who embrace standards of ethical business behavior that are compatible with our own.

In our interactions with suppliers and other third parties, Rogers and its employees conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, fostering mutual respect and collaboration. We implement the provisions of this Code in our everyday dealings with these third parties and expect those suppliers and other third parties to comply with all relevant provisions of our Code, including those related to labor and human rights, health and safety, the environment and fair competition.

What is expected of you?

  • Act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings with suppliers and other third parties.
  • Require suppliers and third parties who act on our behalf to follow standards of conduct that are no less rigorous than what we follow in conducting our affairs.
  • Implement mechanisms to review third-party conduct on an ongoing basis.
  • Implement and adhere to procurement policies that encourage ethical and compliant behavior by those with whom we do business.
  • If you know or suspect that a supplier is violating a company policy or the law, immediately notify your manager or supervisor, the Legal & Compliance Department or the Director of Global Compliance & Integrity.