CuClad 6700 bonding film is a chloro-trifluoroethylene (CTFE) thermoplastic co-polymer. It is recommended for bonding PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) based substrates in microwave strip-line packages and other multi-layer circuits. It may also be used to bond other structural and electrical components to the dielectric. The CuClad 6700 bonding film is available in both 24” (610mm) roll form and sheeted format.

This material is also compliant with NASA/ESA guidelines for satellite and space applications.


  • Thicknesses of .0015” (.038mm) and .003” (.076mm)
  • Dielectric constant (Dk) of 2.35
  • Loss tangent of .0025 at 10GHz
  • Thermoplastic film melt temperature of 397°F (203°C)
  • Low Out-gassing


  • Intrinsic flame resistance
  • Close match on dielectric properties with low Dk laminate systems
  • Shorter press cycle time compared to high frequency thermoset prepreg options


Description Language File Type File Size
Data Sheet
CuClad® 6250- 6700 Data Sheet English
Application Notes
A Study of the Effect of Copper Surface Preparation on Adhesion to Fluoropolymer Films English
CuClad 6700 Bonding Film - SDS English


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