Rogers ROLINX® laminated busbars serve as power distribution highways that provide a customized liaison between the power source and capacitors, integrated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or complete modules.

Busbars can be as long as 2 meters, with an unlimited number of conductors and a variety of connection techniques. A combination of the traditional busbar with incorporated wiring harness and connectors limits the number of piece parts to be ordered by the customer. As such, the customer gets a completely tested sub-assembly from one vendor, ready to bolt on.

In any type of application, special shapes can be made to fit into the smallest possible space. The working voltages can be several thousands of volts combined with currents of over 1000 amps. Conductors can be at least 6mm thick and as large as 2 meters by 1 meter. Roger’s parts are tested in production to cope with partial discharge requirements

Conventional wiring methods are cumbersome and time-consuming. ROLINX busbars are modern and efficient power distribution systems. A laminated busbar is a one-piece solution that offers the advantage of fast and error-free installation.

ROLINX busbars’ thin dielectrics and the flat laminar construction result in a high capacitance, low inductance and thus a very low characteristic impedance. This results in optimal switching performance of the power module.

Our closed mold lamination technology maximizes the copper content in power modules for the best electrical performance of the system. The sealed edge technology allows the creation of compact designs that reduce space and weight.


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