Electrification is a rapidly growing macrotrend, affecting automotive and many other markets. This trend of more electrification drives forward the need for better Advanced Electronics Solutions. New electric functionalities within strict mechanical boundaries require higher current voltage applications. Long-term reliability in harsh environmental conditions are essential for the battery systems. Rogers offers integrated ceramic substrates and busbar solutions to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving world of battery system challenges. Our curamik® ceramic substrates and ROLINX® busbars play a major role in IGBTs by boosting performance, minimizing power losses and optimizing thermal management.

Electrification also brings with it a need for high performance Elastomeric Material Solutions. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, the technology of choice for many new battery applications, require cushioning, sealing, compression pads, vibration isolation, venting, and thermal runaway mitigation solutions that perform reliably under tough conditions. Rogers’ suite of Elastomeric Material Solutions is designed to provide designers with a range of high-performance materials that solve these problems. PORON® polyurethanes and BISCO® silicone materials are custom designed to address all of these application challenges. Further, the ProCell™ EV Firewall cell pads product line is designed to provide both optimal compressibility and thermal runaway protection. The DeWAL® product portfolio offers high performance venting solutions to mitigate the risk of thermal runaway events and allow for pressure equalization in the battery housing.

curamik® Ceramic Substrates

Within the IGBT power module, power substrates provide interconnections and cool components. Rogers’ curamik ceramic substrates are designed to distribute higher currents and deliver higher voltage isolation over a wide temperature range.

ROLINX® busbar solutions

Battery Module and Pack Interconnection

  • ROLINX Compact
  • ROLINX Flex
  • ROLINX Laminated Busbar Solutions

DC/DC Converters

  • ROLINX Laminated Busbar Solutions
  • ROLINX Housing Solutions
  • ROLINX PowerCircuit Solutions
  • ROLINX Compact

Powertrain Inverter

  • ROLINX Laminated Busbar Solutions
  • ROLINX CapPerformance Solutions
  • ROLINX PowerCircuit Solutions
  • ROLINX Housing Solutions

Battery Cell Interconnection

  • ROLINX Hybrid
  • ROLINX Housing Solutions

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PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes

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ProCell™ EV Firewall

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ROLINX® Busbars

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