Demand for wireless data is growing exponentially, driving a need for substantially higher levels of mobile network capacity and performance. Carrier grade wireless solutions must satisfy the most demanding standards of the telecom industry. Telecommunication providers expect equipment fault recovery times of less than 50 milliseconds. To meet these stringent performance and reliability requirements, carrier-grade wireless solutions must ensure the standards.

Addressing the challenging requirements of carrier-grade Wi-Fi and next-generation Wi-Fi antenna design, wireless circuit designers are seeking a better performing and more reliable alternative to FR-4 laminates. FR-4 was historically a material choice for many less demanding RF applications, but changes in the wireless infrastructure related to growing performance requirements, especially in small cells and carrier-grade Wi-Fi/Licensed Assisted Access (LAA). These changes have resulted in instances where the properties of FR-4 are lacking and RF performance and consistency is compromised.

The latest innovations in high frequency materials from Rogers Corporation are enabling designers to meet the challenges for carrier-grade Wi-Fi Antennas, Power Amplifiers, microwave backhaul radios and small cells.

Kappa™ 438 Laminates

Wireless circuit designers see a true breakthrough with Kappa 438 laminates because they feature the performance of mid-tier circuit materials that exceed performance limitations of FR-4 and provide the optimum blend of price, performance and durability. Kappa 438 Laminates have low loss, excellent dielectric constant (Dk) tolerance, tight thickness control and are engineered for outstanding, repeatable wireless performance. Kappa 438 laminates have a low Z axis CTE and High Tg for improved design flexibility and can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes.

Xtreme Speed™ RO1200™ High Speed, Extremely Low Loss Laminates

As the greater demand for faster data drives channel speeds of core network infrastructure beyond 50 Gbps, one of the limiting factors in increasing performance is the signal attenuation resulting from the circuit materials.

Carrier-grade network equipment designers need high performance circuit materials with superior electrical properties. Xtreme Speed RO1200 circuit materials are engineered to meet the unique electrical and thermal/mechanical demands of high speed designs and enable system designers the flexibility to design leading edge systems that maximize data throughput and minimize latency in performance demanding applications.

Addressing the Latest Trends in Wi-Fi Antennas

When it comes to the Wi-Fi antenna design, single band pole mounted passive antennas are making way to more complex multi band/ wide band antennas. Designers are also using more sophisticated antenna technologies like semi-active and active antenna arrays as well as MIMO antenna implementations aimed at increasing base station capacity. The next wave is the development of massive MIMO antenna technologies for use in millimeter wave frequencies. Rogers' low PIM materials play a key role in the development of these antennas and continue to enable designers to meet their demanding specifications.

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Kappa® 438 Laminates

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