Advances in avionics and circuit board design have allowed the aerospace industry to advance. The magnitude of on-board power demand and unique design aspects of on-board avionics systems leads to considerable challenges for thermal management. Environmental conditions often include extreme temperature ranges, pressure variations and the ability to withstand and operate during high g-force maneuvers. If avionics systems are unable to withstand extensive shock, vibrations and thermal challenges, a dangerous situation may ensue.

Mission-Critical Substrates

Addressing the unique challenges of avionics systems, Rogers’ curamik® ceramic substrates are designed for harsh environments by reliably operating over a wide temperature range. The different metal layers can be combined hermetically using the curamik bonding process.

Specialties for Avionics

High performance avionic components, such as motor drives, inverters and converters require higher currents and voltages. This means higher thermal outputs and a need for thicker interconnections. Power electronics use semiconductor technology to convert and control electrical power in such demanding applications.

A variety of packaging options are available for mechanical support, electrical interconnection, heat dissipation and protection from the external environment.

  • Motor Drives controlling actuation of flight surfaces
  • Motor Drives for actuation of pumps and valves in fluid and gas systems
  • DC/AC Inverters, AC/DC Converters, AC/AC Converters, & DC/DC Converters for power distribution to AC and DC loads
  • Variable Speed Constant Frequency (VSCF) Starter/Generator Systems

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curamik® Metallized Ceramic Substrates

Rogers Corporation’s curamik® product suite offers best-in-class metallized ceramic substrates that lead the industry in enabling power electronic printed circuits.

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