Radar sensors in general industrial environments require reliable millimeter wave signals for safety and accuracy in critical conditions. 

Rogers RO4835IND™ LoPro® high-frequency laminates provide a cost-effective, reliable choice for 60 GHz to 81 GHz radar antenna applications. Their stable RF properties support consistent performance in demanding environments.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Globally, goods transportation has become increasingly automated to increase logistics efficiency. Industrial radar sensors, among other sensor modalities, are being incorporated throughout the logistics chain in warehouses, port terminals and last-mile delivery vehicles. Radar sensors provide unique strengths in challenging operating environments due to their exemplary performance in poor weather and extreme lighting conditions. Compared to other sensor types, radar have superior range and velocity detection, to form a solid foundation for guidance systems for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).


For repetitive or difficult tasks, collaborative robots, also called cobots, often work side by side with humans to perform the physically demanding portion of the task, while allowing the human to monitor more complex aspects of the work at hand. Radar sensors are often employed when the human and machine are working closely together to ensure safety and productivity in their collaborative environment.

Smart building

Smart buildings may utilize short-range radar sensors to monitor and operate a variety of functions to help ensure comfort and safety for occupants and efficient usage of energy and resources for facility managers. Jobs may include optimizing workspace utilization, adjusting HVAC settings or even improving washroom operation.

Gate Barrier Control

Short-range radar sensors are often utilized in parking and traffic control applications such as gate barrier controls. Radar offers sensitive performance for interacting with both pedestrian and vehicle traffic and provides an alternative to in-pavement vehicle sensors.

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RO4835IND™ LoPro® Laminates

Rogers RO4835IND LoPro materials provide low loss and stable RF performance for short range 60 to 81 GHz industrial radar applications.

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