When it comes to detecting tank leaks, water phase separation, and changes in liquid levels, underground storage tanks present a unique set of challenges verses standard above ground tanks. Rogers’ NITROPHYL® NBR floats address these challenges as a crucial element of the solution.

Solving Underground Challenges

The fuel systems for motorcycles require reliable and high quality fuel level sensing. As fuel compositions change and fuel delivery systems become more complex, Rogers’ NITROPHYL® NBR floats offer the highest level of quality and reliability in the industry, providing accurate level measurements and long term performance. With limited space inside the small fuel tank, NITROPHYL floats can be custom made into almost any shape. Additionally, the ability to withstand extreme conditions and operate at very low and high temperatures make NITROPHYL a reliable choice for these exciting vehicles that are exposed to the elements. NITROPHYL floats enable reliable liquid sensing for motorcycle fuel tanks. These floats are also available in economical and standard sizes, often used in motorcycle applications.

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