Phased-array antennas are popular for a variety of applications, including automotive driver assist systems, satellite communications and more, reaching beyond traditional aerospace and defense radar systems. Phased-array antennas enable autonomous driving, weather tracking, air traffic control and other non-defense markets. The multiple elements of the antenna system combine for high-speed and effective beamforming and beam diversity, allowing a radar system to receive and transmit advanced waveforms under a variety of operating conditions. Phased array technology allows for flat-panel antenna designs that greatly reduce size, weight and cost, and are among the leading innovations expanding phased array applications beyond the aerospace and defense markets.

When choosing circuit laminate materials for phased-array antennas, dielectric constant (Dk) uniformity and low, stable loss performance are key design considerations. Rogers’ advanced materials are designed specifically for use in fabrication of antennas, multilayer RF and high speed digital boards. Rogers offers a unique portfolio of antenna-grade circuit laminates engineered for consistent performance with low circuit losses at high frequencies.

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