When it comes to detecting tank leaks, water phase separation, and changes in liquid levels, underground storage tanks present a unique set of challenges verses standard above ground tanks. Rogers’ NITROPHYL® NBR floats address these challenges as a crucial element of the solution.

Solving Underground Challenges

By using Rogers’ reliable, closed cell NBR float technology, sensor manufacturers can accurately and effectively detect leaks, separation and changes in liquid levels, even when tanks are below ground. Better leak detection means quicker repair and resolution, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment. By enabling phase separation detection, NITROPHYL floats help ensure that motorists are getting high quality fuel when they fill up at the gasoline pump.

NITROPHYL’s unique characteristics make it the ideal material for liquid level sensing in underground storage tanks. Unlike hollow-core plastic or metal floats, which can fail suddenly, NITROPHYL NBR floats are made of closed cell foam, giving the float a solid core that improves reliability and the lifetime of the float. The proprietary NBR compound provides excellent resistance to all fuels. NITROPHYL’s closed cell structure prevents liquid leaking into float and causing failure.

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