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A Chinese automobile manufacturer identified an issue with water leaking into the brake light of one of its models, causing short circuits and potentially a fire. The deterioration of the EPDM material originally used to seal around the brake light caused the leakage. As the material aged, its capacity to seal out moisture significantly decreased. Once water entered the brake light housing it flowed downward to the light’s battery located directly beneath the brake light module. At a minimum it would cause a short circuit, in a worst case scenarios it could cause a fire.

Brake Lights

The OEM evaluated six options for sealing materials, among them EPDM and rubber. The selected material would have to pass two stringent tests conducted by the OEM; a water-tight test and an assembly test.

The car manufacturer chose Rogers’ BISCO® HT-800 silicone, assured that the material will provide reliable, long-term performance. They also chose to add HT-870, another of Rogers’ silicone formulations, to its material list. Find out more…

Case Study: Rogers Partners with Chinese OEM on Automotive Brake Light Gasket

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Published on Oct 23, 2017

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