Rogers Corporation, its employees and others who act on its behalf must not offer, pay or accept bribes. We must not offer or give money or anything else of value if this would constitute either an improper inducement to make, or a reward for making, any decision favorable to the interests of Rogers. This includes providing improper benefits of any kind to government officials, suppliers or customers. It also includes providing benefits to charities, companies or individuals if these benefits would provide an improper advantage, inducement or reward.

We do not permit any third party working on our behalf to engage in this type of conduct.

What is bribery?

Offering or making payments to secure or retain business, or to obtain an improper advantage, is a crime in many of the countries in which we do business, whether such payments are in cash or in kind.

What is expected of you?

  • Never make, authorize or accept bribes to obtain, retain or influence business or to secure any other improper advantage, or permit third parties, such as distributors, contractors, sales representatives or agents, to do so.
  • Promptly report to a supervisor, the Director of Global Compliance & Integrity or a member of the Legal & Compliance Department any behavior of this type, including that of Rogers’ employees, contractors, advisors or other third parties.
  • Do not make a gift or engage in conduct that would embarrass the company if publicly disclosed.
  • Do not provide any form of “facilitation payment”¹ to any public official without the express written authorization of the company’s General Counsel.
  • Consult a supervisor or the Legal & Compliance Department if in doubt.