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Do you run marathons? A full or a half one?

In recent years, marathons have been held in major cities to build up our bodies, challenge ourselves, and promote the city image. A marathon is not only a traditional sports event, but also a healthy fashion trend. Starting in the Spring, it is the time to run! Running shoes as core equipment are very important to holding on to the end in a tough race with ease. A pair of professional marathon shoes equipped with various futuristic technologies will help you even more.

Our partner Do-win’s has a line of brand-new flagship running shoes – ARES1. As a professional sports shoes manufacturer in China and a partner of the Chinese Athletic Association, Do-win has always been the pride of national brands. ARES1 is a pair of racing marathon shoes with extremely strong comprehensive performance. Featuring a good balance of cushioning, shock absorption, support and energy return, ARES1 can be called the all-round king on the marathon circuit.

ARES1 has breathable and soft upper to give upgraded wrapping of your feet. DSP granular materials in the front sole is light with good road holding; the TPU stabilization system in the arch doubles landing protection; the new DWMOTE midsole with Rogers PORON® technology designed into the heel construction reducing vibration efficiently.

Ares Running Shoes Diagram

In particular, ARES1 developed the upgraded APOR cushioning system with embedding the 3mm PORON Performance technology into the DWMOTE midsole to effectively absorb the shock when the heel hits the ground.

Areas Running Shoes and PORON ComfortRogers PORON Technology is a patented, specially formulated open cell polyurethane foam designed for a variety of underfoot benefits. With the highest level of compression set resistance, the material maintains more than 95% of its shape and performance after long term, repeated use. It’s offers the most unique balance of resilience for active responsive cushioning, compression force deflection for dynamic support and shock absorption and pressure distribution for continuous comfort.

Equipped with Rogers PORON cushioning foam in the midsole APORO cushioning system, ARES marathon shoes have performed better in releasing landing pressure and improving landing stability. Especially when fatigue builds up in the second half of the marathon, the shoes effectively ensure the stability of athletes’ paces, making it easy for them to maintain the pace, stay the course, challenge the limit and win the final victory.

What are you waiting for? Put on ARES and just run!

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Published on Aug 21, 2019

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