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When Fabrizio Belli, a businessman, and Francesco Cozzo, a researcher, met more than 17 years ago, they didn’t know that one day they would develop and produce a very unique product – the GRIN shoe. Years later, their highly scientific innovation process led to the creation of the GRIN training shoes, designed to reduce fatigue, enhance toning, and improve posture.

How does Rogers Corporation’s XRD® Technology support the GRIN shoe?

GRIN Training Shoes

For the area where tibia support touches the shinbone, Fabrizio and Francesco  were looking for a material with outstanding performance in shock absorption, cushioning, and a good compression set over the life of the product.  After many calculations and tests, XRD® Technology was the only material that was able to fully satisfy the very strict requirements. “After testing many materials,” says Cozzo, “to date only XRD Technology is able to address all the feature requirements that are crucial parts of the Grin shoes project.”

XRD Technology is highly adaptable, delivering even pressure distribution and maintaining a constant spring back force while retaining its original shape. The material performs consistently, ensuring a consistent, pleasurable wearer experience.

Based on years of research conducted on body movement and intensive testing, the GRIN shoe employs a wide range of technological advances:

  1. Ergonomic shape memory support
  2. Innovative materials
  3. Energized elastic support
  4. Advanced technologies
  5. Sole with differentiated stiffness

The design is based on a range of features designed to improve the customer experience:

GRIN Training Shoes Graphic

1. Reduces fatigue

The shoe improves the distribution of the load on the muscular chains. Bigger and stronger muscles bear more load than smaller and weaker ones. Ensuring proper balance between the various muscles reduces muscle fatigue and prevents the appearance of pain and discomfort. The effect is that you walk longer regardless of the level of training. The redistribution of loads does not generate muscle fatigue, it avoids the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

2. Enhances toning

GRIN training shoes provide a constant workout distributed over the muscle chains. By using multiple muscle groups simultaneously, the balanced work of all the muscles is increased and there is greater toning than the intense use of single muscles. The simultaneous involvement of multiple muscle groups facilitates tissue vascularization by increasing microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. As a result, the shoe improves leg musculature and tightens the buttocks. It ensures continuous training at low / medium intensity and has beneficial effects on superficial tissue imperfections. Additionally, it tones the back and abdominal muscles.

3. Improves posture

The optimal redistribution of the load on the muscular chains also helps keep the spinal columns in the right natural shape. The main effect is to guarantee a more upright posture in walking, running, and in all other positions where the feet are on the ground. Improved standing opens the chest and allows better breathing.

4. Supports quick recovery

The optimal use of muscles with GRIN shoes guarantees their efficient oxygenation and avoids any lesioning of the muscle myofibrils responsible for the onset of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness); these typically appear in the days following physical activity. This makes occasional physical activities possible without overloading the muscular apparatus and allows prolonged physical activities without specific preparation.

5. Creates a supportive interface between the foot and the leg

When walking barefoot, for a small moment at every step, the whole weight of your body goes through the metartarsus. Other parts of the body bear even higher loads. For instance, the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) undergoes a load that is up to three (3) times higher than the body’s weight, just through normal walking. The GRIN shoe and its technology attack exactly this problem by taking advantage of the support of the tibia (shin bone). Tibia support creates an interface between the foot and the leg.

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Published on Jul 16, 2019

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