• Rogers Graduate Development Program RGDP

    Rogers Graduate Development Program in Suzhou started in 2006 and is a tailor-shaped 2-year development plan for new graduates. We hope new graduates can transfer from a student to a professional smoothly in his or her career start-up period through the systemic and focused development plans, then grow up rapidly and turn to be company valued talents in long-term.

  • One-week Orientation Training

    It will help you know thoroughly and specifically company’s history, culture, products, related policies and management systems, basic career etiquettes. You will learn about company products intuitively though Plant Tour. And direct communication with senior managers will help you understand company’s culture deeply!

  • On The Job Training

    Company will provide you with the necessary training related with your job function.

  • Special Training

    Besides the functional knowledge, other necessary knowledge or skill training during career start-up period will be provided.

  • 1-month Buddy Program after On-Boarding

    The buddies who are in similar age as you but know company well will help you warm up in the company quickly. You will be taken care from simple introduction of working areas to 1st job experience sharing.

  • Mentor Program

    The mentor with excellent individual performance and team-management skill will provide career development suggestions with you, answer your questions during initial career period and lead you to steady career development.

  • Task-based Assignment
    Planning or participation in short-term tasked-based assignments across deferent departments beyond your daily job scope will help you demonstrate your personal advantages completely; improve your organization and communication skill. At the same time, it will also help you to build up good relationships which will benefit your long-term development in Rogers.
  • Rotation Program

    It will be offered for special requirements of some job functions in order to enhance individual and team performance.

  • 2 Year Individual Career Development Plan

    Department manager and HR Department will make 2-year individual career development plan according your position and provide necessary resources.

Internship Information

In order to build up a replenishing channel of young talent pool to support Rogers’s growing business, we launched Summer Intern Program in Suzhou campus in 2012, and it’s supposed to be continued to support young talent development.

To join this program, senior students are required to attend several rounds interviews & tests, once the students get the offer, they’ll start internship in different Business Units and supporting functions since July.

The Summer Intern Program contains five parts: General Orientation, Series training of Role Switching & Basic Professional Skills, On Job Training, Project Assignment and Learning Report-out.

In the first two parts, students will learn what is career and how to engage and develop themselves better at the starting point. On Job Training and Project Assignment provide them the opportunities to know the function of different departments. The Learning Report-out is impressive and valuable, it’s a great opportunity for them to show the character of Post-90’s fully of passionate, creative, confident & straight forward ……

Journey of Harvest: By Catherine Cheng/RIS Summer Intern

This is my 48th day in Rogers, and it’s my 16th year as a student. I’ve been a student so long, and is avid to jump out of the box, see what I can do. During interview, health check and on boarding, I’ve been imaging I might have no idea about everything, and imaging I might be busy all day. All the pictures came into my mind vividly, but fuzzy too.

I was quite surprised when getting my first-week plan, it's filled by all kinds of trainings, so I though Rogers really cared about people development. In this week, I was shared with a lot of new, inspiring ideas, and I enriched the manners to solve problems and got better understanding of myself. The best valuable part is the new friends I made in Rogers, they are other summer interns and the RGDPs (Rogers Graduate Development Program). Everyone of us has ideas, everyone is passionate, I can always feel the power of dream and hope. Later I started the internship in Engineering, RIS. I leaned the process of mass production, automation and high precision equipment, and figured out the job as an Process Engineer. By working with experienced William, Sunny and Aaron, I improved my awareness of safety, cost and continuous improvement, and I realized I got much more to learn.

One and half month is short, but I gained a lot in skill and mindset. It’s time to leave. I’d thank Rogers for this opportunity for me to experience the great work environment. After back to school, I’ll continue to grow and development, to smoothly transit to a mature person.

As an intern, you‘ll not only be asked to do some paper work, but also be assigned real tasks, even some short-term projects! Rogers doesn’t need intern as labor, but as talent! The boys and girls impressed us in 2012 summer, when will you?

Rogers Expands Capabilities and Services with New Application Laboratory

Eschenbach, Germany, June 11, 2024 - Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) today announced that the new application laboratory was completed, expanding the company´s assembly, testing and inspection capabilities and services at the curamik® production site in Eschenbach.

Rogers Corporation Announces Further Actions to Streamline Operations and Drive Margin Improvement

Chandler, Arizona, June 6, 2024: Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) (“Rogers”) announced today plans to drive further operational efficiency and margin improvement. Rogers intends to wind down manufacturing of advanced circuit materials and other related activities at its Evergem, Belgium factory by mid-2025.

Rogers Corporation to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conferences

Chandler, Arizona, June 4, 2024: Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) announced today that Colin Gouveia, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Ram Mayampurath, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will participate in two upcoming investor conferences.

Rogers Corporation to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conferences

Chandler, Arizona, May 14, 2024: Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) announced today that its executive management will participate in the following upcoming investor conferences.

Rogers Corporation Reports First Quarter 2024 Results

Chandler, Arizona, April 25, 2024: Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) today announced financial results for the first quarter of 2024.