Thermavac silicone rubber sheeting materials provide the durability and flexibility needed for constructing high-performance vacuum bags. Vacuum bags manufactured from Thermavac materials are suitable for resin infusion and pre-preg molding processes. Thermavac® XRT is a lightweight silicone rubber and fluoropolymer film composite that offers enhanced chemical resistance.


  • Thickness: 0.010 – 0.125 inches
  • Tensile strength: 1,200 PSI
  • Elongation: 600%
  • Tear strength: 250 lbf/in
  • Stress at 100% elongation: 250 PSI
  • Maximum use temperature: 232°C (450°F), Thermavac XRT: 155°C (310°F)


  • Offers high strength and elongation
  • Available in standard or custom fabrications
  • Technical support in selecting the right material and constructing the vacuum bag

Thermavac XRT Benefits – All of the above, plus these additional benefits

  • Offers dramatically longer functional lives in operations where the resin system and silicone rubber are chemically incompatible
  • Resists degradation from alkalies, acids, amines, epoxies, aromatic compounds, chlorine compounds, ethers, ketones, esters, alcohols and hydrocarbons
  • Lightweight


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