From bio-pharmaceutical gasketing and sealing to acoustic absorption and vibration management, the BISCO® MS Silicone series offers high performance materials that deliver mission-critical reliability in a variety of medical and life science applications. Materials in this series are chemically inert, non-toxic, thermally robust, and environmentally stable.

BISCO MS Series Buns

Block form of open-cell silicone foams that offer:

  • Low density / softness
  • Excellent acoustic absorption
  • Vibration isolation

BISCO MS Series Cellular Foams

Open-cell silicone foams that offer:

  • Durability
  • Conformability
  • Enhanced sealing for excellent long-term protection
  • Range of firmness grades and thicknesses

BISCO MS Series Solids

Solid silicones that offer:

  • USP Class VI and 21CFR177.2600
  • Excellent long term sealing performance
  • Biocompatibility and low levels of migratables



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