ARLON® Self-Fusing Tape Protects the Power Grid

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Customer Problem

A prominent utility industry product distributor needed to solve a common problem repeatedly faced by their power grid infrastructure clients - animals causing short circuits by eating the insulation around wiring or crawling along wires. Damage to the power grid had to be eliminated in an effort to reduce their clients’ maintenance and repair costs and spare them from bad public relations incidents.

The Rogers Solution

Able to formulate products that meet the specific needs of every customer, Rogers’ experts were able to craft a targeted solution using ARLON® silicone self-fusing tape. Designed to withstand high temperatures and moisture, the tape’s proprietary formulation and dimensions met the unique requirements of the distributor’s clients. In addition, the private label tape proved to perform longer and more reliably than any other material on the market because it bonds to itself permanently in a wide range of temperature and weather extremes.


The ARLON® silicone self-fusing tape formulated by Rogers allows the distributor to strongly compete in the area of animal mitigation within the power grid infrastructure market. Use of the tape by the distributor’s clients results in less downtime due to outages and increased cost savings as the result of less repairs and overtime labor costs.

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